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Facebooks Organic Reach Decline: How to Respond

Brands that use Facebook for marketing have seen a sharp drop in engagement.

Coupled with recent changes to the news feed algorithm, marketers are finding it harder and harder to generate organic buzz. Speaking of the News Feed, no one really knows for sure how Facebook decides what appears on it, but some elements are well known as weighing factors:

  • Post types that receive the most user interaction
  • Posts that users hide or report as spam
  • How a user interacts with Facebook ads
  • The device that is used to access Facebook and the speed of its connection

Facebook has told marketers that they should consider paid distribution “to maximize delivery” of their messages in news feed. Translation: You must pay to play.

The team at Offerpop, a social marketing platform that enables users to create and launch Twitter and Facebook campaigns, compiled the infographic below to illustrate at a high level how brands can combat Facebook’s reach decline by revamping their digital strategy.

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