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Product Reviews can Increase Sales

Even though some consumers might deny it, product reviews will actually have an impact on their perception of particular products and services. Web owners can use product reviews as a tool that will add credibility to their site, as well as adding keyword rich content to your webpages. What a great way to inform potential customers and at the same time have current customers create content for you!

People are social researchers

Internet users have access to vast information right at their fingertips. They conduct research before pay for something. For example, the Kelsey Group discovered that around 24% of internet users search for information on offline products and service including hotels and accommodations online. 87% of the hotel searchers who read reviews stated that product reviews greatly influenced their choices.Try offering a prize or discount for the best review each month to encourage visitors and customers to take the time to leave a review.

Negative reviews

Don’t look at negative reviews negatively because it can actually add to the credibility of your site. So what if one person says something bad about you? It is impossible to please everyone and you really need not worry if you get one or two bad reviews. Internet users are becoming sophisticated; it does not bother them to read negative information about a company as long as the positive feedback outweighs the negative. Obviously in a retail sense if some opf your products are consistently being reviewed poorly then you would probably stop stocking the product.

Reviews Addon available for Nextwave Commerce

We recently released an addon for our hugely popular online store software Nextwave Commerce.

Some examples of clients successfully using the new reviews addon are

Bebe – for the modern child – See an example product page with reviews: Svan High Chair

Greenhouse Online – stylish homewares and gifts – See an example product page with reviews: Aeroplane Socks

Kounia Bella – baby store – See an example product page with reviews: Bib and Burp cloth set

Talk to us today about integrating the reviews add on into your online store or website and bring a community aspect to your site.

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