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New Year ideas for online store managers

Now everyone is back on board we thought we’d do a quick post to help start the new year off the right way by refreshing and updating your website. So, take a fresh look at your site with a critical and strategic eye, and write a list of things you want done. Here’s some ideas the most important tasks that every online store owner should address.

Remove holiday specials. Remove specials manually, if needed. Learn to use the automatic specials expiration feature!

Refresh home page text. Update the text on your home page if you were on vacation during the holidays. Fresh home page text is a search engine attractant.

Google yourself. Do a search on your company name and website name and make sure that only good stuff comes up. Set up a Google Alert so that from now on, you find a message in your in-box as soon as Google finds out about it.

Check domain registration. Make sure your domain registration won’t expire soon. Renew it for a minimum of two years; search engines favor domains that have longer registrations because spammers tend to buy only one year at a time. If you don’t know your domain registrar, go to whois.net and type in the name of your domain; the record will come up with renewal dates and your registrar’s name.

Start new promotions. You probably thought of some good promotions and new programs while you were on holiday and your mind was clear. Commit them to writing them down now, before you get bogged down by tax reporting and the other drudgery that accompanies running a small business.

Update look and feel. Look at your store design and logo with a fresh eye. Could they use some updating? Most websites look dated after two or three years. Talk to use about your thoughts.

Know who your customers are. Are you checking your traffic reports of whos coming to your site, what about your Google Analytics account?

Happy selling in 2013!

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