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Aging with Dignity: The Quality of Aged Care in Australia

As Australia’s population continues to age, with the number of Australians aged 85 years and over projected to double by 2042, the need for quality care for our elderly citizens is pressing. Aged care services help seniors to maintain their dignity and independence while providing them with necessary support and assistance.

It’s comforting to know that there are many great options for senior care available. Whether it’s in-home care, retirement communities, or residential facilities, the aged care industry has come a long way in providing exceptional care and services for our seniors. From medical assistance to social programs and activities, the focus is on providing our older citizens with a comfortable and fulfilling life. With an increasing demand for aged care services, staying informed and up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in this ever-evolving industry is essential.

Visiting aged care facilities can sometimes be a daunting experience for both visitors and residents alike, but our founder Matt had a vastly different experience when he visited his mother recently at Eldercare Cottage Grove. He was humbled by the staff’s level of care and helpfulness towards the elderly residents. It’s no secret that providing aged care requires a special kind of love, compassion, and patience, and the staff at Eldercare seemingly embody these traits and more. Their care during Matt’s mother’s stay left a lasting impression on him, making him feel more at ease about his mum’s well-being. It’s heartening to know that places like Eldercare are doing a great job at providing quality aged care for our loved ones.

One of our values here at Nextwave is supporting community. That’s why we’re proud to work with Nursing Careers Australia (NCA). NCA recruits qualified international nurses, matching them with vacancies in Australia. These highly skilled nurses are helping to meet the significant shortage of carers in aged care, particularly in regional areas that often struggle to attract qualified workers. So the work Nursing Careers Australia is doing plays a vital part in the push to future-proof the aged care sector. Our team is excited to be a part of this solution.

If you are looking for quality aged care services for a family member, research to find a provider you feel comfortable with. Matt’s experience confirms that there are some excellent options out there!

Visit Nursing Careers Australia


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