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3 tools to assist in your Facebook marketing

By October 1, 2009April 5th, 2019No Comments

Facebook now allows you to create your own custom URL for your page. This means your business can have its own permanent https://www.Facebook.com/YourBusiness URL. Visit www.facebook.com/username to secure yours.

Social RSS is an application that allows you to synchronise your blog with your company Facebook page. This means every time you blog, the post will also automatically appear on your Facebook page on the Blog/RSS tab. The benefit is that you don’t need to login to Facebook every time you want to post blog content.
Download Social RSS for Facebook

TOOL THREE: Involver
Involver allows you to synchronise your Tweets and You Tube videos to your Facebook page. Again it saves you time & allows you to keep fresh content up on your Facebook page with no extra effort. Tabs for Twitter and YouTube will appear on your Facebook fan page. There are also plenty more things you can do if you upgrade to the paid version.
Download Involver for Facebook


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