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Yahoo Buzz, the next digg competitor?

alleywag has screen captures of a new Yahoo web site, reportedly launching February 26th, named Yahoo Buzz Beta.Yahoo Buzz will be similar to Digg, but will start only with a 100 sites allowed into the system. After the initial beta period, all sites that are accepted into the Yahoo Publisher Network will allowed to be added to Yahoo Buzz.

By looking at the screen captures, it appears that each article is given a “buzz score.” The buzz score seems to be generated by users clicking a “buzz it” icon. In addition, on the right side of Yahoo Buzz stories are recent “Top Searches,” which are updated hourly.

Yahoo Buzz is currently a blog with data on top keyword searches from Yahoo Search. Here is the current Buzz FAQ, but reportedly, this new site will replace the current Yahoo Buzz section.

Let’s not forget that AOL’s Netscape tried to go the Digg route with Netscape.com but ultimately failed.

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