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Using YouTube.com and other video sharing websites to advertise your site

While new, advertising on video hosting sites is proving to be a valid type of advertising. Quite a few webmasters are are uploading videos to the three major video hosting sites (youtube, myspace, and google video) with branding of their website in hopes of receiving targeted traffic.
If uploading a video for advertising purposes, here are some points to keep in mind:

* Use an original / unique video
* Fade in with your URL, keep the URL present during the video, and then fade out (of the video) showing your URL
* Upload the video to a number of video sharing sites
* Socially bookmark the video on each site
* Include a live link in the sidebar or comments if possible

If you use the above list as a base, expect a low but still worthwhile conversion rate. Also, copyright considerations need to be considered. For the best conversion, a unique (but funny, or extreme, or viral) video should be created. Stay tuned for a case study.


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