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Online business optimiser tip #2 – Customer testimonials

What goes into making up an effective testimonial? It’s very interesting – and
constantly evolving. Even online. And if you haven’t got any until now, that’s ok. We didn’t
either – when we got started!

Now we have many. And you’ll need to work on going out and getting them too.
From your buyers, your subscribers, your suppliers – or even from your friends and
family, to begin with. And there’s a method to get specific, useful, informative
testimonials which will have the most impact on building your profits, making more

So if you would like to further enhance the power of this effective lever in further
building your success in business, you should keep on learning more and more about
‘testimonial marketing’ – and add force to your ebusiness.

Ever wonder why testimonials are so effective in closing sales and boosting
profits? It goes back to an evolutionary principle that guides survival of the human race
itself… Social Proof.

When confronted by unfamiliar situations, we tend to look to our peers for
validation – to see if there is a benefit… or danger. More people doing it, equals safety,
pleasure, profit – at least it can’t be harmful!

So on a website, if a prospective buyer sees testimonials from people like them –
users of the product or service, who have found it helpful, pleasurable, enriching… they
are more inclined to try it out for themselves.

Result? More sales 🙂

Talk to us today about implementing this tip in your ebusiness.


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