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The answer is still Flash

By January 18, 2007April 23rd, 2019No Comments

As written on slashdot.org this morning:

“The official Adobe Linux Flash blog has announced that Flash player for x86 Linux is now final and no longer beta. Every x86 Linux user, at least those willing to load binary software, can rejoice and no longer feel like a second rate citizen. Distribution packages are also available, for example the Macromedia Fedora repository already has the flash player marked for update.”

What this basically means is that Flash is finally cementing its position as the number 1 browser plugin and standardized platform for web technology.

Flash can do a great many things, but possibly the most well known use these days is video.
Whilst many other video formats and codecs have existed for a long time, there has never been such a large install base as flash for any one particular format. This makes your choice simple when deciding how your going to deliver video on the web.

The answer is still Flash.


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