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Barriers to Online Holiday Shopping?

During the holidays, ecommerce merchants have advantages over their brick and mortar counterparts. Convenience and round the clock shopping are two of those advantages.

But those who wants to expand sales would be well served to look at their disadvantages as an online merchant. One of the areas The Nielsen Company explored in a recent holiday survey was those disadvantages.

They found that consumers don’t want to pay additional money for shipping and handling and they will, in some cases, avoid shopping online for that very reason. If you dont already, this info should have thinking about offering free shipping, at least when customers spend over a certain amount or what about free shipping possibly just for the Christmas period?

Other consumers feel the need to see or touch a product. This, too, is an obstacle that could potentially be avoided with the use of a zoomable images, product video or demonstration. Reviews and detailed descriptions can also assist in this area.
By understanding your company’s disadvantages, you may be able to lessen them.

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