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10 Reasons to check out Vista, the new operating system from Microsoft

Did you run out and get Windows Vista today? Well, even though I can’t recommend the upgrade with enthusiasm, I can give you ten reasons why you might care to give it a go at some point in the near future.
1. The new Start Menu can help you find things faster

2. Fast USB sticks can speed up your system instantly

3. Program-independent volume control will keep your sounds in check

4. The Windows Explorer exposes tons of file metadata

5. Parental controls will keep Mum and Dad happy

6. Checking for updates and problem solutions has never been easier

7. Guided Help takes interactive learning to the next level

8. Both wired and wireless network management are smarter

9. There’s an infinitely more stable video driver model in place

10. Hardware-accelerated eye candy on the desktop is awesome


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