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Google to eclipse Yahoo! in traffic by 2007. Is your website prepared?

A research note by CitiGroup analyst suggests that Google will become the highest-trafficked site on the planet a year from now. Mark Mahaney based his advice to the investors on September 2006 data from ComScore showing Yahoo! receiving 129,724,000 million unique visitors over that month and Google ranking 4th with 107,365,000 unique visitors. So “Mahaney notes its unique visitors are up 22% from last year, by far the biggest gainer among the Web sites. Using the present growth rates of the top 20 Web properties as a guide, Mahaney says Google will become the top Internet destination in late 2007.” For the record, on the European continent Google sites are already ranked at #1, ahead of Microsoft/MSN, Yahoo! and eBay.

How is your website performing in Google? The sooner you start optimising your website for Google the better you will be in the future when as this news suggests Google is the number one web property on the planet. One of the major things Google looks at when ranking your website is how many other websites link to you. Its kind of like a big democracy, where a link from another website is like a vote for your website, the more votes you have the better your website ranks. That of course is a simplistic explanation but its pretty close to a fact. Well about as close as you can get to a fact with this notoriously secretive search engine.

So, the aim is to get as many relevant website linking to you as possible. Start with friends and family, suppliers, partners etc iIf its relevant to your business ask them to link to your website. Thats probably the easiest one where you have a relationship with the other website owner. Other more time consuming methods include browsing the internet looking for link partners and asking them to swap links with you.
You can also buy links from other website that will help your ranking in Google and all the other major search engines such as Yahoo and MSN. One of the services we use on behalf of clients is Text Link Ads. Take a look through their inventory for relevant link partners.

All this takes some time and effort but will ultimately help your website rankings in the search engines and increase traffic to your website. If you want the results but dont have the time or the inclination our Website Accelerator program could be for you.

The Website Accelerator is one of Australia’s leading Search Engine Optimisation services, offering a 6 month structured program designed to firstly optimise your website for keywords important to your business, followed by a campaign of ‘ethical’ link building with quality partner sites.

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