The Challenge

Salon Shop, a leading wholesaler and retailer to the hair and beauty industry, had an outdated website with limited functionality. It was difficult to update, confusing for customers to use, and generally was holding them back from growing their online sales. Also, the website was not mobile friendly and as a result was being penalized by Google for mobile searches, a rapidly growing segment of online sales.

The Solution

Using our popular storefront platform Nextwave Commerce, we designed & developed a stylish new website for Salon Shop with advanced merchandising and marketing functionality. As part of the project Nextwave exported the 5,000+ products with a huge range of variations from the old site and imported into the new website, and in turn simplified the category structure. Quite a challenge! The new online store website now presents these 5,000+ items in logical categories, in an easy to use format, with a far more streamlined checkout.
Other challenges we faced included the business has two main customer groups that needed to be taken into account, wholesale and retail, so the website had to cater for both groups with different pricing. This included a wholesale account application and corresponding trigger in the backend to let the Salon Shop team know when a new wholesale application had arrived.  Switching customers between the groups had to be straight forward and easy.

A brand new look

Through a modern approach to design, we worked to shape and infuse the buying experience with a clean look enhanced by crisp product graphics and imagery — meshing the voice of the brand, dynamic lifestyle photography, product imagery, and an intuitive user interface. Then, that same great look was leveraged across Salon Shop’s social media platforms, email marketing and other marketing initiatives.

Mobile Experience

Our challenge was not only to create an engaging e-commerce experience for the brand, but converge all of Salon Shop’s strategic needs into a system that would respond to its mobile buyers and deliver that same experience across all connected devices.

Trigger Emails

To further drive sales, the site takes far better advantage of email marketing. A series of trigger emails was implemented to automatically follow up on abandoned orders and customers who hadn’t purchased in a number of months. A monthly personalized recommendation email was also devised and implemented based on the customers previous purchases.
All completely automated, these highly personalized and timely emails are now being sent to customers daily without Salon Shop having to lift a finger. Responsible for around 8% of sales each month and growing. Smart huh?

The Result

Nextwave’s work is engineered to positively impact traffic conversion and revenue. Since the relaunch of earlier in 2015, the new platform has delivered much positive impact to the brand.




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