The Challenge

HBI Australia, a builder for the insurance industry, was due to be part of a tender process for a lucrative contract with a big insurance company. Their old website was outdated, did not display well on mobile or tablets, and generally reflected poorly on the business.
On top of this the company was still using old fashioned fax, mail and paper in administration tasks such as Project Approval and payment of the insurance excess, a necessary part of every project.
Things needed to change with the times.

The Solution

Develop a stylish new responsive website that looks great across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Present the company’s services, capabilities, projects and testimonials alongside vibrant imagery.
Streamline office administration and minimise paper trails by taking some of the more mundane tasks online such as approving a project or paying the insurance excess to get a project underway. Store this information in a CRM for later followup and checking off.

Designed for validation

Visual storytelling was emphasized throughout the site to craft a better and more engaging experience for readers. A primary goal was to quickly create a sense of validation that HBI Australia was a seasoned and credible building company.
To further enhance the new digital platform, Nextwave put a content management system in place to support the new website and allow the HBI Australia team to track leads as well as update their website content to keep it current and relevant.

Mobile Experience

Using a responsive approach in our designs and development work, the Nextwave team delivered a website that adapts to any device, regardless of platform.

The Result

Nextwave to the rescue! In less then 2 weeks we developed a stylish website that displayed the business as a professional, reliable building partner. The website outlined HBI Australia services, and displayed a range of projects and testimonials from other happy clients, along with accreditation, sponsor commitments. To streamline administration and move toward a paperless office, the website also allowed HBI Australia clients to approve their project and pay their insurance excess online. And yes it looks great across all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile!
The new website played a pivotal role in HBI Australia winning the million dollar contract with the large insurance company.

“Working with Nextwave has been a great experience. We are thrilled with our new website. Immediately following launch we won a large tender so it’s paid for itself already, and we continue to get the most out of our investment in digital media”

Ben Harrison, Managing Director