The Challenge

As a new business with a number of exciting modular property developments in the pipeline, Green Vision Developments, needed some solid brand development along with an informative, stylish website to communicate the company’s modular building concept and upcoming projects.
One of the main aims of the new website was to create pre-release apartment sales in the recent DA Approved Altitude 2480 development on the Far North Coast NSW.

Brand Development

Green Vision sought Nextwave’s help in bringing the Green Vision concept from idea to full fruition. Since Green Vision is unlike most other property developers on the market, Nextwave needed to assist Green Vision in crafting an engaging experience and brand story from the ground up, which would quickly communicate the new sustainable modular property concept and immediately engage prospective buyers. And yes we are involved in this exciting company in more ways than one!

The Result

Using responsive design techniques, the new platform was created to respond to any screen size — from desktops down to smartphones: any device, any OS, any browser, all needed to work.

Designed to create presales

Visual storytelling was emphasized throughout the site to craft a better and more engaging experience for readers. With the use of vibrant local imagery interspersed with 3D renders of the new DA Approved Altitude2480 development. A primary goal was to sell pre-release house and land packages so a lot of useful content was created to present the new development.
This included local area maps, and regional maps to show prospective buyers what infrastructure and facilities were in the local area.
To further enhance the new digital platform, Nextwave put a content management system in place to support the new website and allow the Green Vision team to track leads as well as update their website content to keep it current and relevant.

Mobile Experience

Using a responsive approach in our designs and development work, the Nextwave team delivered a website that adapts to any device, regardless of platform.

The Result

Because Green Vision was a new property, the results of our work were immediate and clear. Within the first three months of launch, Nextwave was able to show meaningful and measurable business results to the brand. To date 32 of the Altitude2480 apartments have been sold





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