Microsoft: Please stop using Internet Explorer 6. Please!

Microsoft is literally pleading with people to stop using Internet Explorer 6. In its own tweeted words “It’s not often that we encourage you to stop using one of our products, but for #IE6 we’ll make an exception”, apparently it thinks it’s time for Internet Explorer 6 to die and we agree. So why not try,, or even Is that being cruel? There is of course

It seems IE6 is hard to quit, so much so Microsoft is clearly investing some heavy resources in trying to get people to simply stop using the Windows-bundled web browser. Check out for a cool worldwide breakdown of how its campaign is going. The problem is that until corporations shake off Windows XP it’ll still be a heavy default browser.

Certainly nice to see a bit of recognition from Microsfot for the countless extra hours us web developers had to put in to make sure websites functioned on their old browser.

“This website is dedicated to watching Internet Explorer 6 usage drop to less than 1% worldwide, so more websites can choose to drop support for Internet Explorer 6, saving hours of work for web developers. “

Looking forward to the day when we dont have to worry about non standards compliant browsers!

Google launches new browser

Earlier this week Google announced that they are launching a new browser called Chrome.The browser will be available in 100 countries and is billed by Google as being a competitor to both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox. The browser will be cross platform working with Windows, Mac and Linux and is the first software release for Linux that Google has released. The developers at Google who have been working on this new browser started with a blank page – looking at what the guys at Google would ideally like a browser to do, having spent so many hours on the internet.

The Chrome browser is aimed at both making the internet easier for user and also to drive innovation on the internet. Designed to be clean and easy to use it’s focussed more on the experience of browsing the web. Their tabbed browsing will run each tab as an isolated instance meaning that if a website crashes the browser won’t shut down as with IE and Firefox, just that one tab. As a result of their user focus Google are aiming to make their browsing experience much faster and user-friendly.

We’ve commented a lot on the good SEO plug-ins that are available for Firefox but we have yet to hear if any similar functionality will be available in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is only being released as a beta version and will be constantly improving and building on the stability of the product.

We wait to see if the new Google Chrome browser lives up to the hype!

Stumble Upon – webbrowser plugin that recommends similar sites

The system works by recording user submitted websites against pre-defined categories. Each user specifies the categories of their interest and relevant sites are served to these users along with the ability to rate the site. This process means that the users of the system share their recommendations and qualitatively review them before they get to you.

This new way of finding and sharing interesting sites is fast and extremely entertaining.Oringinally, the system worked on Firefox only and was, for a while, one of the best reasons to use the Firefox browser. It is now also available for IE7, allowing more people to participate.

Check it out at

Make your website favourites

Have you ever lost all of your browser favourites?

Or for those who arn’t already nodding, have you ever had trouble finding that site you bookmarked in that giant list on the favourites menu?

Sure, if you know what your looking for or the words you used to search for previously, then a quick google can get you back to where you were before. But what about those times where you found a gem site and can’t remember how you found it.

The answer is of course to favourite that site for later and tag (categorize by tag words) it.

Soon enough you have a huge list of favourites that you can’t sort through, and then if you’re like many other people, you forget to back up your favourites, only to loose them during the dreaded bi-annual windows re-format and re-install dance.

Say goodbye to all of those problems.

Say hello to bookmarking

Called so because its well… just plain Delicious! 😛 is social bookmarking at its best.
Not only is every one of your bookmarks stored online in your profile, but they can be shared with others as well.

It allows the ability to tag your favourites and also to star (recommend) them for other users.

Check out what your friends and other people are bookmarking and expose yourself to sites that have received the thumbs up from other surfers.

There are browser plug-ins for all your favourite browsers…. or if you’re a fan of FireFox you might like to try Flock.

Flock – Browsing for the Web 2.0 User

Flock is a free browser, based on the same tasty code as FireFox and is the browser of choice for the Web 2.0 user.
Why? Heres why:

– Everything FireFox already has (Flock supports FireFox plug-ins)
– Integrated favourites
– Blog straight from Flock (Compatible with most popular Blog software)
– Drag images and text snippets to the bottom bar for use later (like a quick copy and paste area)
– Get search results as soon as you start typing in the search box
– Batch upload to your photobucket or flickr account
– Monitor your friends flickr accounts for new images
– And more!

So download the plug-in for your browser, or switch to Flock; and never loose those precious favourites again.

You might even pickup some new ones from other users that you never knew about.

Happy Bookmarking. 🙂