digital marketing, the right website for results

Do it yourself website builders are great if you are just starting out.

Do they help manage website leads through to conversion, manage the various processes and workflow required to drive engagement and sales.

For example, can they do the following basic functions?

Marketing popups to drive engagement with offers

Personalized trigger emails

Integration with an email marketing platform

Thank you for signup /purchase pages – Track campaign performance via paid Ads

Enhanced tracking for Google Analytics – Reporting. Track sale value data via specific channels and campaigns

We’ve found many website builders do not offer these necessary functions.

So when choosing the platform to run your business on, ask yourself;

Does this platform have what I need to cost effectively run my business in a competitive space?

Will it help with my ongoing marketing?

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Having trouble writing your own blog posts, ghostbloggers could be the answer..

Having trouble writing your own blog posts, ghostbloggers could be the answer..

You know you need to produce more content for your blog. You have a tremendous amount of knowledge, leadership and expertise with your business.

The problem? You’re not an expert when it comes to writing. The solution? Ghostbloggers.

larger businesses look to in-house or freelance writing professionals to turn subject matter expertise into valuable marketing collateral for use across all your marketing channels.

Small to medium business can certainly achieve the same results utilizing Ghostbloggers

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Like anything this requires a good plan, and an article topic calendar, start out with 2-3 articles per week. Depending how competitive your industry is you should start to see results within 3 to 6 months. As you become more familiar with the various processes, your articles and conversation with your audience will improve, eventually having a snow ball effect on engagement and results.