Canva: Design made easy.

Canva: Design made easy.

If your brain freaks out at the thought of creating graphics in complicated programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, then Canva may be your answer.
It enables you to create beautiful posters, invitations, infographics, cards, website graphics, facebook ads or cover photos & even multiple-page presentations.

Canva is an Australian-made graphic design service that takes the headaches out of designing. All you have to do is choose one of the available templates or start from a custom-sized blank canvas. You then use the Layouts and Background tabs to get a rough idea of what you want to design. These tabs are chock-full of options to choose from, whether you want a complete template or just a nice background to build on.

Canva revolves entirely around intuitive controls such as drag-and-drop – so adding, removing, and editing elements on your canvas is simple and straightforward.. and actually fun!

While many Canva elements are completely free to use, some images you’ll see on search results are Premium, and will cost you $1 per image once you download your design. You can, however, easily upload you own photos or graphics, so while Canva’s Premium options are certainly tempting, they’re not a must.

After signing up to the Canva Newsletter, you’ll also get access to some great tutorials to help you master certain techniques, and learn new skills. If you’d prefer not to sign up, you can just check out their blog which is regularly updated with tricks and tips to help you on your way. They are consistently updating to add more templates and functions. It’s really not as daunting as you think!

Check out some introductory videos here:

The Canva Blog:

And if you’re still a bit confused about how to get started, get in touch – we’re more than happy to help.

Ever thought of importing products to sell from China? Choose from 10million! is an online marketplace of wholesale products from China. The company is located in Beijing and Diane Wang is its founder and CEO. Prior to launching DHGate, she founded, a consumer-shopping site that Amazon purchased in 2004.

She says that over a million customers use DHGate for sourcing China-made products. Asked about DHGate and why non-China companies should buy inventory from there.

Wang: “In the past, small businesses were left out [of importing products from China] because of the complexity of an outdated world trading system.

“Online platforms that streamline China-sourcing help revive and rejuvenate small retailers and wholesalers, leveling the playing field between the smallest businesses and the largest. The goal of such online marketplaces is simple: Make it as easy for a small business to buy products overseas as it is for a consumer to buy a book from Amazon.

“We’re seeing that now is the right time for this. The technologies are well developed and the markets are mature. Buying direct from manufacturers overseas is now safe, efficient, and can be even easier than ordering from a local distributor.”

Certainly food for thought!

Flood of online Group Buying websites hit Australian marketplace

If there was still some doubt, PBL Media and Microsofts new joint-venture in Australia –, has dispelled it completely. Online ‘group-buying’ and ‘coupon-retailing’ businesses are the hottest and newest, ‘new thing’ in ecommerce down-under. Microsoft and PBL Media, with Cudo, join a veritable crowd of both start-ups and established businesses trying to cash-in on the apparent popularity of group-buying services with consumers. Spreets, scoopon, offerme, ouffer, jumponit, ourdeal, crowdmass and eroo, are just some of the names in the crowd.

Some great promotional opportunities exist for businesses on these sites, especially if you are a service based business in a capital city or a manufacturer of a product that you are prepared to sell at a reasonable discount. Talk to us today about this interesting strategy.

Backup your computer online, before you wish you had.

Backing up your computer is like brushing and flossing. It looks funny in the pocket, so most people just don’t floss every day or brush after every meal.

But don’t backup, and someday, inevitably, you will lose your files, music, and lose your photos! And that hurts worse than a cavity.

Online backup software makes it easy — continuously backing up your whole computer automatically. Set it up once and go about your life.

Backblaze is the best online backup tool we’ve ever used.

Why we love it:

  • No DVDs, no hard drives to mess with
  • Backups happen invisibly as soon as files are added
  • USD$5/month, no matter how big your hard drive
  • Won’t slow down your computer. Really.
  • Your online backup can’t be lost or stolen
  • Download your backed up files anytime (of course) or have them overnighted to you on DVDs or a hard drive (spiffy!)