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How to leverage Facebook’s news feed algorithm

Super interesting read over on iMedia Connection about the Facebook news feed algorithm (ranking of facebook news feed items).

“While the math and the rules behind the algorithm are a bit fuzzy, the premise is simple. Facebook doesn’t want any user bombarded with useless, irrelevant content. EdgeRank doesn’t just apply to user profiles. It’s also used for pages. The algorithm determines which users will see the content from the pages they “like.”

This may be news to many businesses marketing on Facebook, many must be thinking each and every status or page update they make is automatically displayed on their “fans” walls. Not the case. If you stop and think, some weighting or ranking has to apply otherwise a users wall would quickly fill up with not so relevant updates and be replaced with more updates before they could see the more relevant ones.

Facebook wants to keep the user homepage or newsfeed highly relevant, it wouldn’t be relevant if every friend and page youve ever “liked” on Facebook had equal weighting. So in essence Facebook learns which friends and pages you interact most with and weights them accordingly…

This article explains how to get your fans interacting with your business page on a regular basis, and how to ensure your status updates and page updates not only make it onto your fans news feed, but stand out enough in order for them to “share” with friends?

Read the rest of the article on iMediaConnection


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