Jane Davenport’s online world

Jane Davenport’s online world

Jane Davenport is a professional artist, best-selling author, designer, online workshop phenomenon’ (she was described this way in a newspaper article!), degenerate art supply junky, Art Journal Evangelist and koala mama (yes! Koalas live in her garden).

Jane and her team came to us with her popular web presence spread over multiple platforms, causing all sorts of headaches running and trying to grow her business. Adding new art workshops and art supplies was complicated, new customers were getting confused how to access information, too much manual effort was required to manage the load, not to mention the challenge of keeping existing customers happy and engaged. On top of that the brand was not presented cohesively, with varying designs spanning over the last 10 years.

In short, having grown organically over the last 10 years it was all patched together, and bandaids were no longer going to cut it. It was now really affecting sales, business and brand management.

Nextwave to the rescue, we created visually engaging website built on the popular WordPress platform, incorporating Woocommerce and Coursepress plugins to create an integrated solution to suit her multi-faceted business. A massive project porting over massive amounts of workshop data, art supplies, and well over 10,000 students and customers.

A few challenges along the way as to be expected with a project of this complexity, but the end result is a streamlined online business poised for future growth.

It’s early days so far but other than looking beautiful with many back office advantages, the website’s sales hit the ground running with a huge increase in the first few months. Importantly feedback from Jane’s existing customer and student base has been wonderful. The ‘Davenpeeps’ simply love their new home!

Next up, digital marketing coaching for Jane and her team, to help push the business to even greater heights.

Visit the website and see for yourself

Are you looking for a proven engaging online learning system to present your workshops, classes or lessons? How about a beautifully designed online store to present your products while streamlining back office management? Talk to us today.


Altitude Eco Village

Altitude Eco Village

Altitude Eco village is an exciting residential development in Northern NSW. As one of Australia’s most innovative, new sustainable living communities, an impressive website was required to present the concept and inform the public of this new development. It needed to produce sales leads via a number of channels and send them to the team.

Following a detailed research and development process, Nextwave delivered a visually stunning website that’s easy to use and easy for the client to update as the project proceeds.

The website presents all aspects of the development from 3D renders, floorplans, and interactive area maps through to grant information, local area info and more.

The website also utilises a number of lead generating techniques and has become a major sales tool in Altitude’s marketing arsenal. We continue to be involved in this exciting development providing ongoing digital marketing services.

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Even busy restaurants need a web presence

Even busy restaurants need a web presence

Even a busy restaurant needs a web presence! There are a number of ways the web can be leveraged to improve communication for a better customer experience as well as boosting sales and refining processes.

As a busy new restaurant The Mez Club wanted to capture their brand online. We designed and implemented a stunning website that not only presented the concept, menus, functions and more, but also refined and improved their back of house operations. We listened to the owners pain points and found the booking of functions, and deposit payments was taking far too much time and was overcomplicated.

So we integrated a custom solution for taking online payments for functions and bar tabs, as well as introducing online gift cards for ourcahse via the website. Early days but the work Nextwave delivered on this project is a great success, creating interest, presenting the brand ad saving hours per week in admin time.

Talk to us today about how we can help your restaurant or service based business harness the internet & digital technology..


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Short on Motivation? Get motivated by Garyvee

Short on Motivation? Get motivated by Garyvee

Gary Vee(Vaynerchuck) is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, he has built his career by being exactly where consumer attention is going next.
Do you need someone to kick you in the butt and motivate you to take your business to the next level? Gary is your man, just start watching his prolific Youtube channel. We love Gary’s no-nonsense attitude to content creation and social media strategy. ~ Hustle like Garyvee!

Byron Bay Based Photographer Craig Parry

Byron Bay Based Photographer Craig Parry

Craig is an international, multi award winning photographer based in Byron Bay, Australia. Specialising in surf, marine, nature and landscape photography.

We have recently started working with Craig’s team to help streamline their marketing strategy, identify those key performance indicators and lock in return on investment.

Visit Craig Parry Photography, take a look at some of his breathtaking moments captured on film!

The Villas of Byron, luxury accommodation located in Byron Bay

The Villas of Byron, luxury accommodation located in Byron Bay

The Villas of Byron are 5 exclusively styled Villas close to the Beaches of Byron. Catering to a range of guests includes; singles, couples, families and groups.

Newly renovated, the website now is an accurate depiction of the personal paradise where you can relax and rejuvenate in absolute privacy, and freedom in your own tropical luxe inspired villa.

Visit the website and see for yourself

Phonetype, quality transcription services for legal, financial, research and medical services

Phonetype, quality transcription services for legal, financial, research and medical services

Phonetype is an Australian owned company operating since 1994

Providing quality transcription services to a range of industries including legal, financial, research and medical services. The proven industry leader in transcription services in Australia.

Resources include highly trained and specialised Australian transcriptionists delivering solutions to assist with outsourcing, co-sourcing and overflow in a timely and friendly manner

Focused on providing tailored solutions to meet their clients diverse and ever expanding needs

Phonetype, legal, financial, research and medical services

Geronimo Boy. Women’s And Men’s Fashion Accessories. Meticulously Sourced And Handcrafted

Geronimo Boy. Women’s And Men’s Fashion Accessories. Meticulously Sourced And Handcrafted

geronimo boy

Emily Pettitt’s Geronimo Boy is an absolute labour of love.

Like most women, I have always had a passion for fabulous handbags. Lusting over other people’s bags and drooling over luscious bags in a shop window, my passion for these collectible objects runs deep

Women’s clutches, wallets and handbags. Also a little something for men.

Geronimo Boy – Womens And Mens Fashion Accessories

Careers Migration Australia, visa and employment support services

Careers Migration Australia, visa and employment support services

careers migration australia

Providing visa and employment support services to skilled workers, investors and students who wish to work study and live in Australia, either temporarily or permanently.

Also support Australia’s employers to build their businesses and improve their lives by facilitating and enabling their sponsorship of overseas skilled workers.

Hence our company’s brand ethos and by-line “Building Careers, Changing Lives”

Careers Migration Australia – Building Careers, Changing Lives


Google retires photo editing tool Picnik

Google just rained all over Picnik’s picnic. The photo editing site got the ax on Friday and will shut down in April.

Picnik — which said via its site that its last day will be April 19 — will be moving to Google+ in the future.

Picnik has been an extemely handy tool used by a number of people to edit photos quickly without having to use a software program like photoshop.

But, dont worry folks picknik has ALREADY been integrated into google+. Its called “creative kit”. click on one of your pictures in google+, top left hand corner.

Unfortunately you will need to join Google+ now to use the features!

TripAdvisor’s hits 50 million reviews.

Almost 10 years after publishing its first review, the site is one of the internet’s success stories, in traffic terms at least. More than 50 million reviews have now been published on the website, which invites customers to share their experiences of hotels, flights, restaurants and tourist attractions. More than half a million properties have been reviewed there.

Having recently set up the 60 Days free trial through FlipKey by TripAdvisor, we’ve hit the ground running with an enquiry every few days. So as a two month trial would suggest, TripAdvisor is a powerful tool for not only your brand but also leads based on customer feedback!

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